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Created through years of experience, bringing fabulous spaces to life for a wide variety of clients, our process at Alfredo Designs is as easy as 1-2-3:
1Initial Consultation:

Whether it's a project walk-through or a meeting involving coffee, the first thing we do is get together to learn about each other and your interior design project. We’ll go over your thoughts and ideas, define the scope of the project and learn about what inspires you. Along the way, we'll talk about timing, processes and budgets. 


2Follow-Up Presentation:

Following our initial consultation, Alfredo Designs sets to work in creating an interior design that brings visions, dreams and practical lifestyles together. From mood boards to fabric and paint ideas, we’ll walk you through the potential of your new spaces from a high-level design perspective and an item by item view. We’ll also bring pricing options and any other information that might be useful to help navigate the next steps in bringing vision to life.


 3Project Development:

Once our design course has been set, Alfredo Designs sets to work making our plans a reality. Renderings, custom projects, finishes and furnishings as all come into play as visions turn into functional, livable spaces.  We’re experts at Project Management and work to make the process as smooth as possible. Working within the scope of your project, we work hand in hand to ensure that when installation is complete, you are beyond delighted with the finished project.

this is how it works!

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