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live an inspired life, full of light and color!

Like an urban gardener who admires nature from afar or an animal lover who is never home long enough to nurture a pet of his own, Alfredo Llamedo-Sierra presents          a modern paradox. Moving across the international stage, Alfredo brings his signature brand of modern eclectic
design to clients, creating innovative spaces that weave old-world sophistication with new-world pragmatism.

A native of Mexico, Alfredo initially had his sights aimed on a career in Archaeology. Fate intervened, however, and brought him to Southern California where he decided   

to study and pursue a career in interior design. An early stint with one of Orange County’s most prominent design firms inspired him to open his own design atelier in 2003. Fifteen years later, his design voice is stronger and clearer than ever as he crafts thoughtful interiors that bring his clients' personal history to life in elegant spaces with a thoroughly contemporary perspective.


A true renaissance man, Alfredo approaches projects armed with advanced degrees in

Art History and Italian Studies, filtered through the lens of his deep passion for the history and application of decorative arts.This innate passion drives him to strive for perfection      in execution and motivates his commitment to furthering the art of design, by fostering and
educating a new generation of craftspeople. The multi-lingual designer divides his time
between Orange County, California, and Dallas, Texas, while working with residential and
commercial clients around the globe.

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